Building Condition Assessments

Our group will investigate and document the buildings condition and provide you with a detailed report. Also all of our services listed below Touchstone Consulting Group offers: Building Repair ProtocolsMaterial Compatibility ReviewsQuality Control InspectionsMaterial Testing, and Air and Water Testing. Please take the time to review these items as they may pertain to your property.

Stucco or Plaster Evaluations:

Stucco is a term loosely used to describe the kind of plasterwork on the interior and exterior of a building. The most common use is applied to the exterior walls over rough masonry or frame walls of a building. Our group will investigate and document the buildings exterior condition (exterior stucco cracks, etc.). We will determine if the stucco cracks are do to improper installation a structural problem, water infiltration…etc. Our group will investigate and document the building’s exterior condition and provide you with a detailed report.

Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Evaluations:

Our commercial HVAC Evaluation will evaluate equipment performance, duct work, fresh air exchange and the thermal efficiency of an entire building. Our group will investigate and document the building’s HVAC and provide you with a detailed report.

Window, Sliding Glass Doors, Entry Doors, Curtain Wall and Store Fronts Evaluations:

One of the most important components of a building is its glass and glazing. Our group will investigate, document and perform field testing of the building’s glazing and provide you with a detailed report. Improper manufacturing or installation will lead to water infiltration, loss of energy efficiency and structural failures during a storm. For glazing replacement or repair, our group offers: repair protocols, shop drawing, structural wind pressure review & criteria, laboratory structural testing, structural submittals peer review, specifications for material to be used. With this information, a manufacture capable of supplying materials and a list of contractors to perform work will be supplied.

Plumbing & Drainage Evaluations:

Our group will investigate plumbing deficiencies, possible future failures and plumbing problems reported to your maintenance department and determine the condition of the plumbing. We investigate main water supplies, on/off valves, piping, hot and cold risers, water heater efficiency, drains, wells…etc. These findings will be provided in a detailed report.

Roofing Evaluations:

Commercial roofing is one of the most commanding areas for water infiltration, as there are millions of commercial structures and hundreds of different roofing systems and variations in application. The history of a building’s roof may have a significant influence on its performance. There may be multiple layers of roofing on a single building, and the materials and their applications have changed over the years. Our group will investigate and document the buildings roofing and provide you with a detailed report.

Structural Evaluations:

Our group of engineers have an in-depth understanding of the fundamental principles of structural engineering and materials behavior, TCG’s structural engineers determine appropriate solutions to meet each client’s needs. Our group will investigate and document the buildings structural components condition and provide you with a detailed report.


Waterproofing is one of the most commanding problems with a building. Waterproofing involves: Paint, Sealants, Expansion Joints, Elevator Pits, Lower Level Parking Areas, Planters, Pools, Water features, Exterior floors…etc. Our group will investigate water infiltration problem areas to determine how they are effecting you property. Some times there are problem area that can be very difficult to locate, this is where are air and water infiltration test equipment come in to assist the investigator. TCG offers repair protocols to insure the repair is performed properly the first time. Our group will investigate and document the buildings waterproofing components and provide you with a detailed report.